Week 3 Dec 2015 Updates

Hello, this is the first series of updates on software development that we hope to do on weekly basis.

  1. Gitlab Pages (akin to Github Pages) is coming to gitlab.com in this 22/12 release.
  2. Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project. This might be an old news but we’ve just picking it up today. It is an attempt to make static web content load faster. This is particularly of interest to content publisher such as media company and being viewed as Google response to Facebook Instant Articles.
  3. Django Project received a massive grant from Mozilla Open Source Support (MOSS) program - $150K that it will be used to fund development of, among other things HTTP2, background tasks and websocket support.
  4. Angular 2 Beta released. Now maybe a good time to start looking into the framework if you’re still on Angular 1.
  5. This is more than a week old but we listed here for it’s significance. A new Android emulator from Android Studio 2.0 Preview ! We all know how slow the Android emulator is and this one claimed to fix that.
  6. ReactOS, an OS project that try to build an open source Windows fully compatible OS from scratch finally reach an RC (Release Candidate) stage. If you’re old enough to be on the Internet, you’ll realized that this project was started 17 years ago !
  7. Rust 1.5 released. Rust is a system programming language aimed to offer better alternative than C/C++ for writing system program.
  8. A number of updates on the AI (Artificial Intelligence) space:-
  9. Let’s Encrypt, a project to provide an easy to use free SSL certificate for everyone, now opened to public in limited beta
  10. AMD announced GPUOpen - Open Source Tools, Graphics Effects, Libraries And SDKs for GPU based development.
  11. Projek Buku GIT - A project to provide GIT guide book in Malay was started by prominent developer Iszuddin Ismail.


Here some interesting products or services we found this week:-

  1. List of VPS providers in Japan - https://romanrm.net/vps/japan.
  2. An easy way to build website - http://kedaiweb.site/.
  3. Another easy way to build website but this is a bit different, it build your website from your Facebook Page. Quite cool and practical idea I think - http://instaweb.my/.
  4. Webfaction (disclosure: my favourite shared hosting) has added support for PHP7 in it’s hosting package.

That’s all for now. Until we meet again next week. Meanwhile, why not hop to our Telegram Group for discussion ?

Written on December 18, 2015