Discussion notes - January 2019

Some notes from discussion in Telegram group. This will be continuously updated until the end of this month, so stay tuned.

Push Notifications.

Problem: Firebase push notification has been very slow, looking for alternative. OneSignal - Apparently one signal now uses firebase as the base. SNS - still using GCM/FCM to deliver messages.

I just checked. At least a client for Telegram on android also uses Firebase to receive (some) notifications. https://github.com/TelegramOrg/Telegram-Android/blob/master/TMessagesProj/src/main/java/org/telegram/messenger/GcmPushListenerService.java https://github.com/TelegramOrg/Telegram-Android/blob/master/TMessagesProj/build.gradle#L17

Had stupid random issues with cheaper non standard phones doing nasty aggressive throttling and sleeping and unloading from memory.

China phones have problems with push notifications. But most of the time it’s not delayed. Just that you won’t get any notification until you set the phone config right.

https://pushy.me/ - using mqtt. https://pushy.me/docs/android/modify-androidmanifest WAKE_LOCK. No wonder Android drains more battery. It can prevent the phone from going to sleep/low power mode. https://developer.android.com/training/scheduling/wakelock

Facebook messenger uses mqtt for messages, not for waking up. The FCM triggers a wake and it can show you some basic snippets, but telegram and mqtt and other stuff gets invoked after the trigger.

Some of the newer battery optimizations on android (ios as well?) is for the OS to bunch the wakeups from sleep so it gets more apps and work done before going back to sleep. Individual apps waking up in different intervals drains more battery.

This is related to what I know. https://tamingthedroid.com/battery-optimization-doze-mode Things may have been changed and tweaked in later years.

Not really. Even with FCM, you still need to allow the background activity for the apps that you installed. Depends on manufacturer as well. China phones need that. Other phones I didn’t check, but if we don’t receive any notification, that’s one of the usual culprit regardless of which provider you’re using

Notes taking tools

I think I found Bear’s replacement. Will try tomorrow: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=18840990 https://github.com/zadam/trilium

Major flaws with Bear:

  • no password
  • not cross platform
  • limited to only markdown
  • veeery limited customization

I’ve been using Quiver for a while now. Can you display the notes in tree-hierarchy? Can it protect some notes with password? Can you do diagrams? Those 3 are the most interesting I find with Trilium

  1. can’t.
  2. can’t.
  3. kind of. There’s https://github.com/HappenApps/Quiver/wiki/Getting-Started#diagram-cell I like it mostly because it’s fast and native 😛

I recommend OneNote. there’s this one https://github.com/glushchenko/fsnotes

[In reply to AS] Bear is too simple (probably too much), but that’s their goal. Up to the users whether they can accept it or not. I switched to Notion for a while, but return to Bear for the simplicity.

Bear + Alfred = Too good

Just use orgmode. [Forwarded from HH] 🙋🏽‍♂️ Guna pure vim (no plugin) untuk lbih kurang setahun, kemudian berhijrah ke spacemacs (emacs + vim keybinding). Emacs’ Org-mode is addictive.

Keybinding vim ni, once dah master, memang tak nak tukar. Editor or ide lain maybe ada vim plugin, tpi tak rasa ia cukup powerful. Tapi spcemacs lain. [Forwarded from HH] The thing is, it is mnemonic.

If you press SPC->b, you can access pretty much all of the important stuff related to buffers. If you press SPC->p, you can access project related stuff If you press SPC->l, you can control the layout of your buffers (think layout as workspace) And so on. It is easy to remember and easy for the hand. Nevertheless, you can still do the vim way like :w since it is really emacs enhanced with vim good stuff.

Oh wow good to know next version of Bear will have encryption and note-locking feature. Also web app for non-OSX/iOS. https://www.reddit.com/r/bearapp/comments/achrh7/my_yearly_subscription_is_coming_to_an_end_and_i/ed95brn relevant bit:

Now, as one of the marketing folks here, I can say we’re preparing some communication about the progress of Bear 1.7 (with encryption and note locking features), our major overhaul to the Editor (probably Bear 2.0), and the web app.

Written on January 3, 2019